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Why is S’pore going car-lite?

Posted on 04 May 2017

So as to clear the roads for rich people.


Keeping the roads clear of cars will allow more space for those who are rich and can afford to drive in Singapore a more comfortable commute.

By asking everyone else to give up personal modes of transportation would thus make everyone worse off — but since everyone is worse off, everyone will feel equal.

This is a form of socialism.

So far, Singaporeans have noticed that the plan to be truly car-lite is riddled with curiosities. For example, if Singaporeans are asked to ditch driving, why are there still new roads being constructed and ERP gantries erected? Why is there an emphasis on COE bidding exercises and the importing of new cars, which are increasingly priced out of rich of the middle class?

For Singapore to be truly car-lite, there is first a need to erase the obvious class divide.

Because a society is only progressive not when everyone can afford to drive, but when even politicians make use of public transport.







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  • Christopher Bong

    Carlite is definitely for the natural aristocrats to drive with much lesser traffic. On the other hand, the government cannot resist surrendering the revenue made from COE, ERP and their dubious amount of car related taxes. They have put themselves in a quandry.