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S’porean who witnessed bullying can’t wait to do something about it online

Posted on 23 May 2017

The number of ways justice will be served after the fact, he thought while salivating.

By Thet


A Singapore man couldn’t hide his delight as he made his way back home after witnessing first-hand a bully verbally abusing a helpless victim.

The man, who had a noticeable bounce in his step, spoke excitedly about how much good he would be able to achieve on the Internet later on.

See Kak Poh, the Singaporean man, said: “I have at least six minutes of footage on that guy scolding the victim, 30 seconds of which you can kind of see what’s going on.”

The man expected at least over 100 comments sharing his disgust of the situation that played out.

Wiping away a lone tear secreting out the corner of his eye, he reflected on just how much he is helping that poor victim.

See said: “I just know he will appreciate that there are still some people trying to stop all this bullying.”

“After it happens, of course.”



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  • JB

    Shedding crocodile tears? If you really want to help the victim, you should have helped the victim on the scene against the bully and not acting like a coward behind, firming your pussy little video to gather more likes to increase your popularity. Seriously? If you don’t want to help the victim, please get lost and stop wasting your time to firm for people to likes your stupid video.