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S’pore must do more to censor undesirable content

Posted on 25 May 2017

There are many things out there that are negative influences.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know something is not good just by looking at it once, are calling for more censorship of undesirable and offensive content.

This after they feel they are exposed to many pieces of content from the mainstream media that is detrimental to their emotional and mental health, as well as leaving the young feeling corrupted.

One Singaporean, Bei Fei Lee, said: “Every time I turn on the TV or read the news, I feel molested and unclean.”

“Got all these party political images that are symbols of hegemony and authoritarianism. Feels like I’m living in a mind control environment.”

“See already eyes pain.”

Other locals said stricter measures must be undertaken to ensure Singapore cleans up its act.

Another local, Chui Jin Chao, said: “All these vulgar sights and sounds are terrible.”

“One moment it is, ‘Degrees are not needed in the future, focus on skills’, the next moment it is, ‘You only need a small space to have sex’.”

“This kind of talk has no place in polite society.”



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