PM Lee May Day message: PAP politicians assured they got jobs till GE2020 at least

Posted on 02 May 2017

Semi-permanent rice bowl.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who like a message of optimism once in a while, are applauding.

This after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong issued a May Day message to his comrades in the PAP addressing their labour woes, assuring them of their job security until at least General Election comes around in 2020.

One Singaporean, Qiang Fan Wan, said: “Despite the downturn, it is nice to know that PAP politicians still have iron rice bowls until at least GE2020 rolls around.”

“Job security for politicians, uncertainty for regular Singaporeans.”

Other locals said the prime minister’s message of hope might be misconstrued.

Another local, Hor Yee See, said: “Some of the politicians will think this is the chance for them to take it easy and go back to the private sector while collecting MP pay.”

“No heart for the public despite being publicly elected to serve wholeheartedly.”

“Can’t wait for 2020 to come sooner. That will show them.”







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