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No milk formula in S’pore can boost child’s chances at becoming president

Posted on 14 May 2017

No way.


Singaporean parents from all walks of life, who believe something they do or did not do will confer better chances on their children’s lives in the future, are given a wake up call.

This after it was revealed to them that no milk formula presently sold in Singapore’s market can help boost the chances of their children becoming the next president.

One Singaporean parent, Zuo Zhong Tong, said: “I was informed that all milk formula are pretty much the same in this regard.”

“This is so as becoming president is dependent on a lot of other criteria besides being brought up drinking the right milk formula.”

“It also involves being of the correct race at the right time.”

Other local parents said knowing this fact has made them more relaxed.

Another parent, Fu Mu Qing, said: “Instead of choosing what milk powder to drink, it is better to choose the right person to marry.”

“Because drinking all types of milk formula is not going to change your kid’s race to make him or her qualify for the presidency in the future.”







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