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New app to pair maids with NS enlistment slots, reservist call-up duty

Posted on 15 May 2017

This is to further tap on an already existing resource in Singapore.


A new app made in Singapore is offering a value-added service to pair maids up with available slots for National Service enlistment and reservist call-up duty.

This latest app, called GrabMaid, aims to match demand and supply frictionlessly by tapping on maids, an existing pool of resource already in abundance in Singapore.

GrabMaid founder, Qu Zuo Bing, said: “Maids have been part of the decisive force. We have seen them in Singapore do everything from carrying equipment when soldiers book out to cleaning and maintaining gear such as ironing uniforms and polishing boots.”

“Therefore, National Service is an institution that has all along trained maids to play a vital role in maintaining Total Defence.”

“The next logical step is to tap this invisible but vital resource and let them enlist into NS and also go for in-camp training.”

Singaporeans from all walks of life who think National Service is a vital part of Singapore, said it is time for Singapore to acknowledge the contribution of maids to National Service efforts.

Hen Gan Dong, a local, said: “I know that Singapore is in safe hands if our maids serve NS and reservist.”

“If maids can take care of our bags, they can take care of the country.”

At press time, the start-up founder said that in the event of war, they are still working on ways to mobilise all maids immediately in the MR, also known as Maids Reserve.







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