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Komodo dragon that bit S’porean gets diarrhoea, food poisoning

Posted on 05 May 2017

It is in stable condition, otherwise.


A komodo dragon that bit a Singaporean man on Komodo island in Indonesia is suffering from a severe bout of diarrhoea.

A veterinarian who attended to the komodo dragon suspects the animal could have gone down with food poisoning.

The vet, Kwa Nor Koon, said: “The komodo dragon had diarrhoea after just 30 minutes of biting the Singaporean man.”

“This shows that the komodo dragon is not accustomed to eating junk food. Other than vomiting and diarrhoea, it is in stable condition.”

“We will continue to monitor its progress and ensure that any residual toxins are washed out from its body.”

Other local Indonesians said it is uncommon for komodo dragons to fall ill so easily.

A local, Ma Kan Sai, said: “Over here in our village, it is believed you are what you eat.”

“So, if you get diarrhoea, it means you ate shit.”







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