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HDB flat recognised as a person as it will die at 99 years old

Posted on 06 May 2017

And then become useless like a dead person.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who form the middle and lower class hoi polloi, have bestowed the title of “person” on Singapore’s HDB flats.

This after they discovered that HDB flats have a lifespan of 99 years after which they will pass away like any other human being who has expired.

One Singaporean, See Kiao Keow, said: “This is the quality that we look for in determining if an entity qualifies a person.”

“A finite life span is a clear indicator coupled by the fact that at expiry a HDB flat becomes a worthless piece of shit, just like when a person has passed away and becomes nothing essentially.”

However, other locals said recognising HDB flats as persons has its downsides.

Another local, Que Dian, said: “Across the life span of a person, the value of an individual will increase and it becomes productive but HDB flats just suck and suck money away to maintain and appreciate in paper value temporarily.”

“No real productive gain and it is not a means of production.”

“In this regard, it fails to qualify as a person.”

“It is more like a piece of shit.”







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