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Foreigners in S’pore must only contribute economically, not politically or socially

Posted on 16 May 2017

Just work until die, please.


Foreigners from all walks of life, who come to Singapore to give themselves to this country, are reminded they are only allowed to contribute to Singapore in an economical way.

This after it was announced that foreigners are not allowed to go to Hong Lim Park to show they have gay pride.

One foreigner, Wai Guo Ren, said: “As a foreigner, my services rendered to Singapore must only be in the realm of economics and increasing the GDP per capita.”

“I must not dabble in any other areas other than work, because I am just a cog in the Singapore machine.”

Other foreigners said they understand that Singapore is for Singaporeans.

Another foreigner, Lai Zuo Gong, said: “I must not show any emotions in public or express any opinion.”

“I must not show that I can take a stand on anything.”

“I must not do any socio-political stuff.”

“Actually by not doing anything, I have become just like a real Singaporean.”


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  • ShineII

    Bullshit that foreigners contribute to Singapore when they probably take much more than contribute. So net is foreigners contribute negatively to Singapore!

    • LlamaDelRey

      Yes, they take home a salary in return for their work, like everyone else. Your point being?

      • ShineII

        Foreigners are hired to work. but many do not perform well at all, leaving us locals to double up helping to clear the sub-par work. There is also the social unrest they create with their arrogant attitude and behaviour. In a nutshell, foreigners are more a liability than an asset.

        • LlamaDelRey

          Really? And you’ve worked with every single foreigner in Singapore? So, locals aren’t capable of subpar work, or do you actually think that you’re the best at everything you do? If anything, you’re the arrogant liability to us all, with your xenophobic attitude. Its people like you who cause social unrest.

          • ShineII

            YAWNNN! Your reply clearly evinces how empty vessels make the most noise. Your post contains nothing but assumptions. Where is your substance to back up your statements…..? I rest my case.

          • LlamaDelRey

            Oh shut the fuck up, you empty vessel. You’re the one coming in here and screaming about how foreigners do subpar work and create social unrest with their arrogant attitude. YAWNNN! Your post contains nothing but assumptions. Where is your substance to back up your statements? I rest my case.

          • Sreya Sanyal

            Holy shit can yall both chill lmao it’s NewNation