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Current slate of amateur PAP leaders taking 3 years to fix Workers’ Party

Posted on 03 May 2017

Lee Kuan Yew would have seen to it in two weeks.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who expect only professionalism and a high level of competence, are highly disappointed.

This after the current slate of PAP leaders have been taking more than three years just to fix the opposition Workers’ Party.

Ah Pek See, a regular Singaporean, said he is saddened that this is taking way too long: “Lee Kuan Yew would have seen to this in two weeks.”

“Three years just to fix one opposition is way too long by any standards.”

“If this is going to go on any longer, PAP will lose credibility as the incumbent.”

Other locals said such incompetence in destroying the opposition does not bode well for Singapore.

Another local, Hor Yee See, said: “When I look at the Singapore skyline, I always think, ‘Wah, 52 years can build so many things.'”

“Then when I look at the PAP now, all I see is them trying to make AHPETC stick for the past three years since 2014 to no results at best.”

“What is this? Amateur hour?”

“The incumbent has failed to check on the opposition.”







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