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Chicken rice stall to throw change in customers’ faces as selling chicken rice is great thing

Posted on 01 May 2017

Good reminder.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who like to be told what they will amount to, are looking forward to eating chicken rice at a stall in Singapore.

This after the chicken rice stall will throw change in customers’ face after the meal, telling the paying patrons that they will not amount to anything much as selling chicken rice at this particular stall is a great thing.

One Singaporean, Jin Dua Kee, said: “Selling chicken rice at this stall is great and noble. There is no other calling in the world that can match it here.”

“Its only sin is that it can’t be greater.”

Other locals said having change thrown in one’s face is a great reminder.

Another local, Jia Kue Png, said: “Running this particular chicken rice stall must be real hard work and a real success.”

“Nothing motivates me more than wanting to own a place like that too.”

“This will ensure I work harder and take responsibility for myself.”

“And then throw money in other people’s faces.”







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