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16 pro gay brands highly religious S’poreans must avoid or else God will smite them

Posted on 07 May 2017

Using any of these goods and services shows that you are for same-sex marriage, you heathen.


Here are the world’s leading brands all highly religious Singaporeans need to be aware of. Using these brands’ goods and services will show that you are pro gay marriage and a heathen.

So beware! The monotheistic God will only allow those who are not tainted to go to Heaven!


1. Google


2. Android


3. KFC


4. Coca Cola


5. Starbucks Coffee


6. Snickers


7. Mentos


8. Levi’s




10. Kellogg’s


11. Uber


12. Rock Band


13. Absolut


14. Ben & Jerry’s


15. Game of Thrones


16. Visa







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