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Trial showed clear benefit to City Harvest Church leaders’ lawyers, S’poreans feel

Posted on 09 April 2017

Total legal fees estimated to be S$10 million.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who rub their chins and derive their own analyses, are clapping their hands and praising the lawyers who represented the six City Harvest Church leaders.

This after they heard from the trial proceedings that concluded that there was no clear benefit to City Harvest Church leaders for the misappropriation of funds as what they did with their Crossover Project was for the church.

However, Singaporeans noted that there was clear benefit to the City Harvest Church defendants’ lawyers as legal fees are estimated to be about S$10 million in total when everything first started in 2013.

One Singaporean, Huat Zai, said: “It was clear that money went from the City Harvest Church leaders to their respective lawyers.”

“That is clear benefit to the lawyers who rose to the call of duty by carrying out their roles defending their clients.”

However, not all locals are impressed.

Another local, Bee Tang, said: “If S$10 million was just used to help the poor and downtrodden to bring them to the church, the investigations and trial wouldn’t have been necessary in the first place.”







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