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Toa Payoh couple revealed as aged 46 & 39 ruined ‘Young people are horrible’ narrative

Posted on 27 April 2017

Older people couldn’t carry on with smear campaign against young people as a result.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are older and like a good story to fit their worldview, are shaking their heads in despair.

This after they heard that the Toa Payoh hawker centre couple, who were identified and arrested by the police for shoving an elderly man, are aged 39 and 46 years old.

They felt this completely ruined their narrative that it is only young people who would disrespect an elderly person and youth these days are horrible people who would do all kinds of terrible things.

One older Singaporean, Bai Tou Fa, said: “I was happily telling everybody this Toa Payoh hawker centre couple are young people and young people will be the death of old people.”

“Turns out, the man is old enough to be a grandfather in a few years’ time and the woman is nowhere near young.”

“This completely silenced me as I didn’t have a good story to go on with smearing the young.”

However, other older Singaporeans said age is really just a number.

Another older Singaporean, Lao Lang, said: “If we really wanted to argue about it, 46 and 39 are not that old and they are still considered young Singaporeans, so therefore, young Singaporeans are shit.”

“Let’s admit it: Age is just a number. They are young because they are still mentally young even though they might be physically old.”

“So it is still young people’s fault.”







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