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Thousands of S’poreans angry thousands of S’poreans went to Artbox at same time

Posted on 23 April 2017

This is nonsense, they said about themselves.


Thousands of Singaporeans from all walks of life, who have nothing better to do on this island because anything too fun is deemed subversive, are angry.

This after the thousands of Singaporeans who went to Artbox felt that it is utter nonsense that thousands of Singaporeans showed up at the event at the same time, causing jams, humidity and human traffic to come to a standstill.

One Singaporean, Kway Sio, who was there with thousands of other Singaporeans, said: “This event is a failure as it has drawn thousands of Singaporeans to show up at the same time.”

“But too bad I cannot ask for a refund as admission is free.”

Other locals who were angry said the organiser must take more measures to ensure events are neither underwhelming nor overwhelming.

One local, Kang Gang Hao, said: “The event cannot be unsuccessful or too successful. The organisers must ensure that Artbox can fit just enough people all the time without fail.”

“If it is too little people, it is a failure. If it is too crowded, it is also a failure.”

“But ultimately, it is other people’s fault that they are here with me at Artbox at the same time.”







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  • Shan Kissdani

    Singaporeans really have no life, it seems. Give one attraction, everybody rushes.

  • Geo

    We all know what Singapore market needs, but high rental fees and charges by gov deter cheap tasty food and items to be sold in singapore, in the end we get all the luxurious brands in Orchard that sgreans don’t rly need start to invest a little and stop hogging on profits, let the new gen of sgrean enjoy a bit from all the work we have done..