Sun Ho reviving Crossover Project with ‘China Wine’ remake called ‘China Beer’

Posted on 05 April 2017

New anthem for winning souls has been 10 years in the making.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who try very hard to avert their gaze but are drawn to car crashes, can look forward to more Chinese geisha reggae music.

This is so as Sun Ho will soon revive the Crossover Project with a remake of China Wine, her empowering 2007 song focusing on women’s rights.

The new song is tentatively called China Beer, which will once again try to tap into the market of heathens like what was attempted previously before everyone involved with her music was arrested and charged in court.

One source, He Pi Jio, who is familiar with the revival of the Crossover Project meant to spread the Word to all corners of the globe through the misappropriating and careless pairing of unrelated cultures, said: “China Beer attempts to bring the intellectual level of China Wine down a notch.”

“The past test audience found that China Wine was too deep and philosophical for mainstream taste and it was hard to explain how a Chinese geisha doing black music was related to the message of the saviour.”

“So that was where it ran into a lot of problems.”

“With China Beer, the aim is to go straight into the music video to feature the best elements of China Wine, such as the gyrating and speaking in tongues.”

Other Singaporeans who are supportive of the Crossover Project revival, said doing the obvious of avoiding round-tripping of donation funds and then trying to hide the evidence is imperative to stay true to the cause.

Another local, Xing Ye Shu, said: “The most important thing is that we shouldn’t see this guilty verdict as a setback.”

“Well, the success rate of the Crossover Project would have definitely been higher had it been Serina Wee fronting it.”

At press time, a glass manufacturing company is being set up.







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