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S’poreans to protest driverless buses: ‘NS For Locals, Jobs For Robots’

Posted on 11 April 2017

They demand answers as to why robots are taking their jobs.


Singaporeans from some walks of life, who don’t have jobs because globalisation and liberal foreign talent policy, are going to start a protest at Hong Lim Park.

This after it was announced that driverless buses will be deployed in Singapore in the future.

However, this move has drawn howls of protest from some quarters in society.

One upset Singaporean, Filbert Foh, a local disenfranchised Singaporean for Singapore, said: “NS for locals but jobs for robots.”

“First, we lose our jobs to foreigners. Now, we lose our jobs to robots. Next thing what will happen? Give PR and citizenship to robots too?”

“I did not serve NS to protect robots who come here to take away our jobs.”

Other Singaporeans for Singapore who are upset said this will only lead to more oppression of Singaporeans.

Milbert Moh, another Singaporean for Singapore, said defensively: “First, robots will take away our jobs. Next thing we know, they will take away our women and HDB flats as well.”

At press time, it was reported that Tinder is taking some women away from some Singaporean husbands.







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