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S’poreans stuff Korean kimchi into Japanese mochi to make kimochi delicacy

Posted on 17 April 2017



Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are into Korean and Japanese culture, have come up with a new delicacy by combining the best of both worlds.

This after they stuffed Korean kimchi into Japanese mochi to make a new hybrid delicacy called “kimochi”.

One Singaporean, Hen Tai, said being able to make this dish is no coincidence: “One must be very in tuned with both Korean and Japanese cultures at the same time.”

“This really brings the best out of both worlds.”

“Who would have thought one could fit kimchi into mochi like a glove. Every bite you take will make you shout ‘Kimochi’ in ecstasy because there are elements of salty and sweet.”

However, not all Singaporeans are convinced kimochi is the new mover and shaker in the food scene.

Another local, Ya Mah Teh, said: “Kimochi might sound good only in theory.”

“But then again, anything that is wretched in reality is probably even better in theory.”








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