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S’poreans more courteous, say ‘Please, diu lay lo mo, thank you’ instead of ‘Diu lay’

Posted on 10 April 2017

Efforts to improve kindness has paid off.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe it is important for others to be kind and courteous, are pleased with themselves.

This after it was found that Singaporeans are becoming more kind and courteous, as they say “Please, diu lay lo mo, thank you”, instead of just “Diu lay“.

Hum Kar Chang, a local, said: “I’ve been minding my p’s and q’s. I don’t just tell people to jiak sai these days when they cut my queue.”

“I would politely wave my middle finger at them and then ask them to go jiak sai please, thank you.”

Other Singaporeans said this newfound approach to civility will pave the way for future generations.

Another local, Nai Ma De, said: “There is no point being worked up and getting angry. This will only cause you to vent your frustrations and use up energy.”

“Society will be more accepting of your suggestions if you just tell them to piss off please, instead of crying father, crying mother without any politeness.”







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  • Andy

    Is this article a joke? Singapore are becoming more kind and courteous?? When does this happen? Singaporeans have never been kind and courteous in my eyes at all, especially those rude aunties you saw in public or even those fuck face adults .Singaporeans has actually the rudest citizens ever. I, as a Singapore Citizen, had seen enough of those disgraceful people that bring bad reputation to Singapore. Rude Singaporeans, Kiasu Singaporeans that use tissue papers to chope seats all kinds of trash in this country.