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S’poreans console Kong Hee: ‘Jail time also temporary, like your Sentosa house’

Posted on 19 April 2017

No worries, it too shall pass.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who can apply other people’s logic to other people, have come out to console Kong Hee.

This after multiple Singaporeans told Kong that his time in jail will also be temporary, just like his Sentosa penthouse which the pastor said is a home only for the time being until his family moves out.

One local, Yee Xia Zi, said: “No worries, Kong Hee. Your time in jail will pass by faster than your ownership of the Sentosa penthouse from 2007 until now.”

“We are sure the interior of the jail cell is as humble as your humble Sentosa abode.”

Other locals said Kong need not be wary of his imprisonment, given that he and his family have lived a humble and simple existence the past several years now.

Another local, Jing Qu Tun, said: “Since Kong Hee has always maintained that his lifestyle is definitely not luxurious nor grandiose, he can rest assured that prison is also not luxurious or grandiose.”

“The inside is as simply decorated as his home.”

“And the best part is, in prison, he will really be in a cell group all the time.”







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