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S’poreans confident Uniqlo can take over Istana at this rate of expansion

Posted on 18 April 2017

They stand a chance as a political party too.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who used to wear Giordano clothing, are feeling confident on Uniqlo’s behalf.

This after Uniqlo has expanded to 25 outlets in Singapore over a few years.

This prompted Singaporeans to voice their support for Uniqlo’s ambitious plans as there is a shortage of outlets island-wide with some estates only having one outlet to serve the population.

Tuo Yi Fu, a Singaporean said: “Looks like President Tony Tan will have to clear out from the Istana soon at this rate Uniqlo is expanding.”

“They will take over every square inch of Singapore and become bigger than the government in time to come.”

Other Singaporeans said taking over the presidential palace is not the only achievement the clothing retailer can look forward to.

Another local, Zuo Zhong Tong, said: “Uniqlo must take over and form the next government and president.”

“At least they can provide for Singaporeans in a way the current president never will.”

“And then Singaporeans will feel very unique in their Uniqlo clothing.”







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