S’poreans can have Swiss standard of living was original fake news

Posted on 04 April 2017

You are fake news. Bad.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are realists because they can smell the bullshit, agree that fake news is a problem and have found out the source of it.

This after they discovered that the original fake news was from years ago when it was said that Singapore can also have a Swiss standard of living but this has not come to pass.

One Singaporean, Pian Lang Eh, said: “Singapore can have Swiss standard of living was the original fake news.”

“Which part of Singapore today looks like it has the Swiss standard? The cheese section in Cold Storage?”

“This is fake news.”

Other locals said finding the source of the fakery is the first step towards healing and reconciliation for a country that is reeling from the consequences of the disappointment.

Another local, Shuo Pian Hua, said: “Whoever started this fake news must pay for it.”

“This will be the next election’s hot button issue to address. Failure to rectify will see a mutiny at the polls.”







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  • Pin Ming

    rectify. not retify

  • Christopher Bong

    This is the biggest April Fools joke ever from PAP.