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Singapore Idol 4 won’t be reserved for Chinese winner, hiatus-triggered S’poreans told

Posted on 04 April 2017

Singaporeans assured show will still determine winner based on merits of ability, not race.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe in the merits of meritocracy because hard work and talent are more important than state-assisted help, are feeling relieved and heaving sighs.

This after they were assured that Singapore Idol 4 will not be reserved for a Chinese winner, despite many Singaporeans feeling hiatus-triggered as a result of a lack of a Chinese winner.

A hiatus-triggered sentiment occurs when Singaporeans have one thing for several consecutive times and then need to move on to something else, if not, they don’t know what that something else feels like after its absence.

One Singaporean, Tng Lang, said she was glad: “For one moment, I was worried the authorities will step in and insist on reserving the outcome for a Chinese contestant due to Singaporeans feeling hiatus-triggered.”

“Singaporeans by and large recognise the role luck and talent plays and we are about respecting the people’s ultimate choice, so we do not agree with the state pushing the results one way or another.”

“Singaporeans generally don’t agree with foregone conclusions.”

Other locals said keeping the competition open will see Singaporeans feeling more for it

Another local, Mai Keh Long, said: “A winning spot carved out in advance makes the eventual winner less legitimate.”

“How do you respect the people’s choice when people don’t even get to choose?”







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