Search teams with dogs comb heartlands for Toa Payoh hawker centre couple

Posted on 25 April 2017

Closing in.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who enjoy watching from the sidelines as events culminate into a paroxysm of pressure-releasing justice, are watching with bated breath.

This after search teams with sniffer dogs have been deployed island-wide to suss out the Toa Payoh hawker centre couple as they have not been found despite the best efforts of the citizenry.

One Singaporean, Fang Gou, said: “It’s a matter of time. They can run and they can hide, but we will find them.”

“Because Singapore is really small and really cramped. Unless they do a Mas Selamat and swim across the Causeway.”

However, this manhunt has taught Singaporeans other valuable lessons.

Another local, Bei Pan, said: “We wouldn’t have to go to these extremes to find out the couple’s identities if only one of their friends bao tou them.”

“But I guess the couple have loyal friends.”

“Or maybe they have no friends to begin with, which is not entirely unthinkable.”







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