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Pioneer Generation warns unruly S’poreans: ‘Don’t f**k with us, we’ll break you’

Posted on 27 April 2017

The people who built the country can break you easily as well.


The Pioneer Generation of Singapore, who built the country with their bare hands, have issued a warning to Singaporeans younger than them.

This after they saw footage of a slightly less old Singaporean couple ganging up on an elderly man in Toa Payoh hawker centre, denying him a seat and shoving him in the back.

One elderly Pioneer Generation Singaporean, Bei Tao Moh, said: “I built Singapore with my bare hands and I can rip your spine out with them as well.”

“Don’t you play punk with me boy,’ he said, as he sat down gasping for air.

Other Pioneer Generation seniors said it is for the own good of younger Singaporeans to stay away if they don’t want trouble.

Another senior citizen, Pia Jui, said: “Back in our day, we didn’t solve problems because we were the problem.”

“Younger Singaporeans, you all better watch where you’re going.”

“If anything untoward happens to you, we won’t be held responsible,” she said as she waved her walking cane in the air.

At press time, one elderly Singaporean in a motorised wheelchair said his mobility device can charge turbo.







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