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PAP slogan is not ‘With you, for you, in you’, PM Lee reminds MPs

Posted on 02 April 2017

Better make things clear, he thought, as he typed out an email reminder.


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has taken some time off this Sunday to craft a gentle email reminder to his 83 Members of Parliament from the People’s Action Party.

The 65-year-old leader of Singapore’s only democratically elected party to hold majority power for more than 50 years, considered his options for the breezy afternoon in his favourite easy chair before deciding it would be appropriate to reiterate his stance in light of what happened last year to David Ong.

“Dear Esteemed Members of the House,” he began typing, pausing to include “All PAP MPs” in the CC option. “I couldn’t have written this email reminder at a less opportune moment.”

He continued: “I’m sure it has been an eventful one year since the news made the rounds on social media in 2016 that Bukit Batok MP David Ong had to step down because of his supposed personal indiscretion.”

“But if you would kindly refer to the front cover of the PAP manifesto, the party’s slogan clearly reads, ‘With you, for you, for Singapore’.”

“I would like to reiterate that at no point does it say ‘With you, for you, in you’.”

“Any confusion up until now can still be forgiven, as I, in my capacity as leader of this party, probably had not made my stance clear.”

“Please feel free to email me if you have any queries or outstanding issues, especially regarding any pre-existing relationships you have with grassroots leaders, volunteers, supporters or a fellow MP from this party or the opposition.”

“Your candour is greatly appreciated, my fellow Comrades.”

“Yours sincerely, Hsien Loong.”

After he finished sending his email, PM Lee went back to reading a book about computer coding as the rest of his Sunday slowly wound down.







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  • Christopher Bong

    It is more, “With you, for you, screw you.”