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Kong Hee’s jail time as temporary as his Sentosa house

Posted on 24 April 2017

No worries, it too shall pass.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who can apply other people’s logic to other people, have come out to console Kong Hee.

This after multiple Singaporeans told Kong that his time in jail will also be temporary, just like his Sentosa penthouse which the pastor said is a home only for the time being until his family moves out.

One local, Yee Xia Zi, said: “No worries, Kong Hee. Your time in jail will pass by faster than your ownership of the Sentosa penthouse from 2007 until now.”

“We are sure the interior of the jail cell is as humble as your humble Sentosa abode.”

Other locals said Kong need not be wary of his imprisonment, given that he and his family have lived a humble and simple existence the past several years now.

Another local, Jing Qu Tun, said: “Since Kong Hee has always maintained that his lifestyle is definitely not luxurious nor grandiose, he can rest assured that prison is also not luxurious or grandiose.”

“The inside is as simply decorated as his home.”

“And the best part is, in prison, he will really be in a cell group all the time.”







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  • stun ned

    Dear Wang, I know kong for over 20 years. He’s been humble and giver. They supported poor and disadvantaged in south east Asia and beyond. They helped victims of hurricanes, tsunami, storms and earthquakes. That’s where the money that was returned in full were going. So, from freedom of speech perspective and for the sake of a joke your essay is fine. I admit i did joke myself on the prison subject. But from the truth perspective, this man is real deal, and no matter how long he will have to endure, there are thousands of people that appreciate what he as a pastor has imparted into their lives and he is precious human being. Singapore is on the map for many because of him.

    Just my five cents

    • sub7

      Any religious organisation that hopes to exist and grow will conduct charity events from time to time. This is a common practice and it is expected by the members. So don’t make it look like CHC is the only organisation that helped victims of natural disasters. As for Kong Hee, to cheat that much money requires a lot of planning. Maybe he started planning from as far back as 20 years. Who knows? Maybe one day he will tell you the truth, if he can be honest.

      • stun ned

        First, I would like to say, there is no one on earth that has ability to judge this from eternity perspective until we see how the rest of the story unravels. And time is a friend of truth, it will tell.

        Pastor Kong He has borrowed the money out of building fund and applied them to the project that was designed and planned not for 20 years, but from eternity, there is no need to “hide” the truth. Historical Jesus started the project long time ago, pastor just continued it.

        The reason every penny was not only returned, but CHC went on and paid off over $300 million while pastor is incarcerated, it’s because the pastor has done the job right. He has laid his life for the cause.

        What truth we want to know, is exactly what was the plan of the prosecutors? They have used the letter of the law to stop the work of thousands of faithful.

        It may look like they have succeeded and the pastor is in jail and he is “paying” for his “lies”. But what they did not calculate is the weight of history and eternity. I will dare to state, the prosecutor has gained himself a reputation of religion hater. And pastor has gone to redeem himself as good manager.

        Had the money been spent without a trace and had the church disintegrated and became ruins, then we could say with confidence the pastor lost.

        It just makes a difference, what side of the story you choose to look from.

        I had a chance to meet pastor Kong. I have seen him as caring and serving. I saw him minister to people, share his errors and his learning experiences. I can tell you, he’s been an amazing inspiration.

        Just my two cents from third world boy here.