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Highly religious S’porean forgives govt & public for blaming CHC leaders

Posted on 09 April 2017

We must pray for those who go against City Harvest Church.


Dear Editors,

I am deeply saddened by the reactions of my fellow Singaporeans to the imprisonment of my dearest pastor Kong Hee.

As a long-time member of City Harvest Church, the public clearly does not understand the sacrifices he has had to make in the name of his church.

When I first received Sun Ho’s Chinese pop CD in 2003, I thought to myself: “What kind of devil’s music is this?”

But as I listened more, it began to dawn on me that I was being overly prudish and she was actually spreading the word in the form of Satan-worshipping music to beat the devil at his own game.

Indeed, the more involved I became at the church, the more I began to understand that I could not even begin to comprehend God’s plan and the plans pastor Kong had for me, the church, its congregation and Singapore as a whole.

You see, I am but mortal. Pastor Kong is The Chosen One.

Without his light shining like a beacon of conscience, the gays, prostitutes and the opposition would start to take over Singapore. Satan would then have a hub to take over the world.

So it was with deep love that I decided to dedicate 30 percent of my husband’s salary each month to help fund Sun Ho’s music career as part of the Crossover Project.

As a good highly religious person, I have an obligation to my saviour to spread his message: From Singapore to Malaysia, to Taiwan, to China and even to the town of sin, Hollywood.

It must have been extremely difficult for Pastor Kong to see his wife in such disgusting states of undress in public all the time when she was there and for her to live in the heart of the most unholy places on Earth, Beverly Hills.

I’ve watched the TV series 90210 when I was younger. These people have no morals.

But like lepers, the Man and Woman of God must go to the sick to heal the sick.

People outside the church don’t understand us and are so quick to condemn when they haven’t experienced God through His music, sung to thumping beats and a negro man speaking in tongues at the beginning of the song.

I do not understand how China Wine or being a Geisha is related to God’s work, but as I said, I’m only mortal. God has a plan, even when I don’t understand. Even when it involves S$23 million. S$50 million. Or a glass manufacturing company.

If Pastor Kong was using that money, it must be God’s will.

Jesus preaches forgiveness, and therefore, we must forgive even if we don’t want to.

So, I forgive the government and the public for misunderstanding and blaming the church.

There’s a special place in hell for people who say nasty things about Kong Hee and an even worse one for those that framed God’s chosen workers.

I pray that it will be like Sodom and Gonorrhea.

Yours truly,
Highly Religious Singaporean







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