Hawker centres set aside reserved tables for ill-mannered S’poreans

Posted on 26 April 2017

This will prevent elderly people from being pushed over.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who appreciate practical solutions to intractable problems, are nodding their heads in approval.

This after hawker centres island-wide will set aside reserved tables and seats for ill-mannered Singaporeans who are inclined to shout and push elderly people in a bid to get a place to sit just to eat food.

One Singaporean, Zhuang Ni, said: “This is a good measure for public eating places. Singaporeans who are inclined to bang people down can easily just make their way to these tables as they have been set aside for unreasonable idiots.”

“So when other mild-mannered, well-brought up Singaporeans see these tables and the people there, they can easily avoid them without incident.”

Other locals said these tables reserved for those without a conscience and any sense of morality will bring about other unintended benefits.

Another local, Hao Chu, said: “With these reserved tables for ill-mannered Singaporeans, the whole lot of them can just congregate there.”

“And when the number of ill-mannered Singaporeans outnumber the seats, they can simply bang one another fall down and snatch a place among themselves.”

“This will spare regular Singaporeans the agony.”







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