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Trust S’poreans to be efficient with their use of CPF money, locals tell K Shanmugan

Posted on 07 March 2017

They voted for this government, after all.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who might never, ever see their own CPF money ever again, are telling the government that they will spend it wisely if they get the whole lump sum back right now.

This after home affairs and law minister K Shanmugam said Singaporeans must trust the government to be efficient with its use of money.

In response, Singaporeans are telling the minister that Singaporeans would do likewise with their own CPF money and not squander all of it.

One local, Kong Chee Kim, said: “Money is not going to come from the sky… We have to pay for what we use, and you just have to trust Singaporeans to be efficient with their use of the money.”

“If the government can be efficient, so can Singaporeans, because Singaporeans voted for this government in the first place.”

Other locals said being able to apportion a CPF lump sum over time shows the citizenry is mature, as this is the same citizenry asked to decide during elections which political party they want to vote for.

Another local, Qu Dou Piao, said: “As a family, we have to spend less than what you earn. As a country, we have to learn to spend less than what we have. With all the rising costs and rising expenditure, we need to look at where the extra money is going to come from.”

“And I see it coming from my CPF account because that’s where all the money is.”







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