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Survey finds MRT breakdowns don’t affect PAP MPs

Posted on 10 March 2017

It’s hard to affect you when you don’t ride it.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know what everyday problems are, are nodding their heads.

This after a survey found that MRT breakdowns in Singapore do not affect PAP MPs.

One Singaporean, Mei Guan Xi, said: “This is so as MRT trains cannot fit PAP MPs.”

“A successful transport policy is not when everyone can afford to drive. It is when everyone, including MPs, take public transport.”

Other locals said MPs do not take public transport because they know it is not the most efficient means of getting around.

Another local, Tan Tua Lui, said: “No wonder public transport fares go up all the time.”

“It would remain more stable if it affects PAP MPs.”






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