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S’poreans thank Lee Kuan Yew for keeping Amos Yee in US

Posted on 25 March 2017

And delivering Singapore from subversive forces.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, are throwing themselves on the ground and prostrating, thanking Lee Kuan Yew in the sky as tears flow down their face.

This after Amos Yee has been granted political asylum by a US immigration judge in Chicago on March 24, 2017, a day after Lee Kuan Yew’s second death anniversary.

One Singaporean, Jin Gan En, said: “Thank you Lee Kuan Yew. You have not forsaken us. Even in death he can still deliver Singapore from the clutches of subversive forces.”

“In politics, there is no such thing as coincidences.”

“This is a sign Lee Kuan Yew is still watching over Singapore and taking care of each and every single one of us.”

However, other locals said this is only the beginning.

Another local, Zhen Wei Da, said: “Lee Kuan Yew will make Singapore great again.”

“He will restore economic growth to 10 percent per annum because no one in the Cabinet currently can, except Tharman.”







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