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S’poreans must feel the full price of ministerial salaries

Posted on 31 March 2017

Otherwise, they won’t know what it feels like.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who have yet to experience life and some things in full, are nodding their heads in appreciation and anticipation.

This after they all felt that they must feel the full price of ministerial salaries to understand its importance in their bones.

One Singaporean, Da Xing Shui, said: “There is nothing like feeling the full price of ministerial salaries like having it credited into our bank accounts for one day and then reversing the transaction.”

“This give and take way will allow Singaporeans to understand how much is a few million dollars and what that money in the bank feels like.”

“It will be such an aphrodisiac.”

Other locals said ministerial salaries is a national security issue and people must realise its value.

Another local, Jin Zuay Lui, said: “It is good for Singaporeans to feel the full price of ministerial salaries.”

“Because sometimes we really don’t know what we are paying for.”

“More often than not, Singaporeans are severely overpaying.”







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