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S’pore needs more naysayers, says govt apologists & sycophants

Posted on 09 March 2017

That’s quite rich of them.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who can smell irony from a mile away, are nodding their heads and smiling to themselves.

This after they heard that panellists at the Singapore Management University (SMU) Behavioural Sciences Institute forum, Han Fook Kwang, Kishore Mahbubani, Tommy Koh, Chan Heng Chee and David Chan said Singapore needs more naysayers who can challenge authority.

One Singaporean, Jiang Zhen De, said: “A group of government sycophants and apologists telling Singaporeans they need to be naysayers and ask difficult questions and challenge authority?”

“I am sure this group of people have gotten really far in life being the opposition of the government elite.”

“Look at them. Totally made a career out of being diametrically opposite of the government and sticking it to them.”

Other locals said there is nothing wrong with asking other Singaporeans to take risks on behalf of other people.

Another local, Ni Xian Qu, said: “It’s always nice to see people succeeding because of the system asking other people to take risks to question the very system they are a part of.”

“If this isn’t rich, maybe they can personally join the opposition now that they are going to retire and feeling cushy.”







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