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S’pore to ban smoking at home

Posted on 09 March 2017

Each neighbourhood will have one designated yellow box to serve every 1,000 smokers.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe giving up their individual liberties until they have very little left but made to feel like things have progressed, are nodding their heads appreciatively.

This after they agree the legal smoking age must be increased to 21 years old and the next step the authorities must take is to ban smoking at home as well.

This means that no one is allowed to smoke indoors in one’s own house at any time of the day in a bid to make Singaporeans healthier and Singapore smoke-free.

But to cater to those who still want to puff their cancer sticks, each neighbourhood will have one designated yellow box in place to serve every 1,000 smokers.

A health authority, Sio Hoon Kee, said: “As there is only one designated smoking corner located at a different, non-permanent location each day in each neighbourhood, smokers will have to hike throughout their estate to find it.”

“This will greatly aid smokers in their exercise regime and ensure they at least get to break some sweat.”

Other locals said enforcement of this law is the key to prevent smokers from lighting up at home.

Another Singaporean, Bao Toh Kia, said: “The authorities will then have to hire more officers to be located in each and every household to conduct hourly spot checks.”

“This will greatly increase the number of public servants in Singapore and cut down on the unemployment rate.”

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