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Sex predators in S’pore come from good families

Posted on 09 March 2017

If not, no way to judge their character.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who judge other people by their character, are applauding convicted sex predators in Singapore.

This after they heard sex predators who prey on others must be from good families.

One Singaporean, Qiang Jian Fan, said: “These days got more and more people in Singapore come from good families. Like from a family who can provide the court with letters attesting to being a good family.”

“If you are not from a good family, you won’t break the law.”

“Only if you are from a good family, you will break the law.”

“Then when you tell people you from good family, they will know you didn’t mean to break the law on purpose.”

Other locals said the leading cause of breaking the law is coming from a good family.

Another local, Fan Fa, said: “Those who come from good families are usually low profile.”

“They must make themselves more prominent and recognised and raise their profile.”

“So, breaking the law is an ideal way to let other people know you come from a good family.”







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