Scientists discover Tan Cheng Bock has traces of Peranakan blood

Posted on 31 March 2017

This throws presidential race wide open.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, from all races and religions, who like it when there are twists and turns in the script, are applauding loudly.

This after scientists in Singapore have discovered that Tan Cheng Bock might have minority heritage as he has traces of Peranakan blood.

This effectively throws wide open the race to the next Elected Presidency in Singapore.

One Singaporean, Xiao Niang Re, said: “As the next Elected Presidency due this year is reserved for a Malay candidate, this turn of events has thrown up a viable candidate at long last.”

“Race is indeed a fluid concept.”

“If we dig far back enough, all modern humans emerged from Africa.”

Other locals said finding traces of Peranakan blood is only the start.

Another local, Chou Xue, said: “If we go so far as to do a DNA analysis, we will find that all human genome consists of a mixture of ancestry derived from multiple populations scattered all across the globe.”

“This will render all Singapore government policies on the matter of race in presidential election as backward, null and narrow-minded.”







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