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Okay to handcuff elderly S’poreans because Pioneer Generation quite tough, hardy

Posted on 19 March 2017

Nation-builders can take it.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are realists and know what it takes to make someone break, are applauding the authorities for doing the right thing.

This after the Singapore police was reported to have put a 73-year-old woman in hand and leg restraints after she was detained due to an outstanding warrant of arrest issued by the court in 2016 for failing to attend court relating to a town council summons.

One Singaporean, Hor Yee See, said: “It is okay for the police to handle an old woman in such a way because I heard the Pioneer Generation Singaporeans are quite hardy and can take quite a beating having built Singapore from scratch.”

“They are not withering flowers like a lot of today’s younger generation who are useless.”

“If you can build Singapore from Third World to First World, what’s a little handcuffs going to do to you?”

Other locals said they are confident other measures to break the Pioneer Generation will be fruitless.

Another local, Ji Poon Kwee, said: “During the Japanese Occupation of Singapore, the Pioneer Generation suffered a lot.”

“The Singapore police are definitely no match for the Imperial Japanese Army.”







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