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Highly religious S’poreans didn’t condemn Power Rangers movie with gay Yellow Ranger

Posted on 25 March 2017

Not one.


No highly religious person in Singapore has come out to publicly denounce the new Power Rangers movie out on March 23, 2017.

This point was noted by Singaporeans from all walks of life, who like to observe when do highly religious people who like to dabble in other people’s business come out to make claims.

One Singaporean, Boh Pa Keh, said: “It is nice to see the highly religious Singaporeans not reacting to the Power Rangers movie with a gay Yellow Ranger, despite being all about wholesome family values.”

“Almost seems like they are withholding judgement, but in reality we know they just have highly fluid standards having condemned Beauty And The Beast movie previously for portraying a gay character.”

This point was confirmed by one highly religious Singaporean.

One highly religious Singaporean, Qu Jiao Tang, said: “As long as we can pick and choose what to condemn, this will give us the moral high ground and continue to ride along on our moral high horse.”

“Our inconsistency will make it so easy for right-minded people to fault us that they wouldn’t even bother to do so over time.”

“Very Trumpian. Good.”







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