Give grassroots RC volunteers free HDB flat as benefit, recognition

Posted on 30 March 2017

And free mangoes.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who take things to their logical conclusions, are demanding more benefits and recognition to be given to grassroots Residents’ Committee volunteers.

This after grassroots volunteers are already receiving benefits from the government for volunteering, such as priority registration for primary school and priority parking for vehicles, but these have been deemed not enough by right-minded Singaporeans.

One Singaporean, Gei Gen Duo, said: “To ensure their heart is in the right place, grassroots RC volunteers must be given free HDB flats as benefit and recognition for their time and hard work.”

“Nothing says gratitude like a free HDB flat.”

“In this way, more ordinary Singaporeans will be inclined to help at the grassroots level and be recognised.”

“Even better, give them free mangoes also. Heard it helps bring people closer to one another.”

However, other locals said such an arrangement might be detrimental.

Poh Lam Pah, another local, said: “It will eventually be difficult to find so many new volunteers to carry the balls of older volunteers.”







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