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Cannot remove race categorisation as S’pore needs a Chinese Prime Minister

Posted on 02 March 2017

If removed, then there will be no one to lead Singapore.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who can see that easy labels can be employed as political tools, have been told that Singapore is not ready to do away with race categorisation that puts people into the four major racial groups.

This after locals said they can see where this idea is coming from as Singapore still needs a Chinese Prime Minister to lead the country and the President must be from a minority race.

One Singaporean, Ng Sek, said: “It’s very easy if you disregard race and religion. You have, say, a general election, no racial classification and so on, but what you may end up having is a Parliament where there is no Chinese prime minister.”

“Yes, we can say we do away with race categorisation and Tharman can be prime minister and president, but is that what the Chinese prime minister wants? The Chinese prime minister is not ready for that.”

Other locals said race categorisation will ensure all races can deploy one representative for each racial group to ensure fairness when all are equally represented.

Another local, Tng Lang, said: “Yes, classification ensures Singaporeans are always conscious of each other and reach out to one another.”

“Representatives from each group: One Chinese, one Malay, one Indian and one Other.”

“When all are equally represented, the prime minister will be Chinese.”

“It makes you a bit uncomfortable at first. But that is what I think brings everyone together ultimately.”







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