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S’poreans attach In-Vehicle Unit to forehead to make deducting money easier

Posted on 28 February 2017

They are resigned to fate.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are realists, are opting for the the In-Vehicle Unit to be attached to their foreheads so allow the deducting of money all the time be made more easily.

This after they recognise that money being taken from them all the time is their fate.

One Singaporean, Gey Qian, said: “This system really helps connect my bank account to the government’s bank account.”

“It is so effortless, I no longer feel the pinch of paying bills, fares, taxes and fines.”

Other locals said having a IU on their foreheads will allow them to market themselves better.

Another local, Wai Guo Ren, said: “At one glance, people from all over the world will know that I am Singaporean by looking at the IU on my forehead.”

“They will then think of me as efficient and loyal to my country.”

“Win-win for Singapore and Singaporeans.”







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