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President Halimah Yacob to face difficulty visiting Donald Trump’s America

Posted on 08 February 2017

Singaporeans to start Facebook page highlighting her credentials.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who can foresee foreseeable problems before they officially unfold, are calling out one major problem.

This after they noticed that President Halimah Yacob will face difficulty visiting Donald Trump’s America as there is a strict vetting of foreigners now with border security stepped up to enhance nationalist sentiments.

One Singaporean, Jiak Hong, said: “It is tough for anyone who is not blonde-haired and blue-eyed to visit America these days.”

“There are all sorts of problems with entering the US as extreme vetting has been taken to its logical conclusion since the executive order barring immigrants has been signed by President Trump.”

Other locals said having a new president of Singapore face this kind of problem is unprecedented and more can be done to ensure this does not blow out of proportion and Singapore becoming unpresidented when Halimah Yacob is denied entry there.

Another local, Ang Moh Kwee, said: “To raise the profile of Halimah Yacob, we will start a Facebook page to highlight her credentials.”

“One way is to emphasise how she is a president who is similar to President Donald Trump.”

“Both of them came out of nowhere to get elected and become presidents without winning the popular vote.”







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