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MRT breakdowns prompt S’poreans to unveil ‘Move-It Motherf#&ker’ mascot with Samuel L. Jackson’s likeness

Posted on 13 February 2017

It is to encourage MRT trains to get moving when they break down.


Joining the ranks of Bag-Down Benny and Hush-Hush Hannah that was introduced two years ago to encourage passengers to make public transport more pleasant, Singaporeans from all walks of life unveiled their latest cartoon character, “Move-It Motherf#&ker”.

Move-It Motherf#&ker has been introduced to encourage MRT trains to keep moving as Singapore has been facing an increasing number of break downs in the transport system and it borrows liberally from Samuel L. Jackson’s likeness.

One Singaporean, Mai Tu Leow, said: “Whenever the MRT breaks down, Singaporeans channel their inner Samuel L. Jackson a lot. This particular image relies heavily on the actor’s iconic role in Pulp Fiction.”

“We hope that this new character will bring the Move-It Motherf#&ker in the MRT system and all of us commuters.”

Other locals said the character is a good reminder and that they will use it’s advice more often now that he is public.

Another local, Siam Ji Pee, said: “This is also an appropriate message for people who should be keeping left on the escalator but are hogging the right.”







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  • Eveline Lee

    That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking in my mind every time the mrt stalls.