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Culling chickens shows S’pore still has blame culture

Posted on 23 February 2017

No more blame, please, we are Singaporeans.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who can see double standards, are demanding that the government stop the culling of chickens in Singapore.

This after they said the culling of chickens only serves to show that Singapore still has a blame culture, which the country no longer has anymore.

One Singaporean, Bu Yong Jing, said: “Culling chickens sends the message that there is still a blame culture in Singapore when the fact is that we have moved on to a learn culture already.”

“We cannot allow our propensity to fault others to get in the way of doing better as a country moving forward.”

“The pain and regret of identifying the chickens as guilty is punishment enough.”

Other locals said culling chickens speaks ill of us as a people.

Another local, Zi Sha, said: “If we cull chickens to show that there is a blame culture, then many MPs and ministers need to cull themselves because they have to accept a lot of blame on behalf of the faults they are responsible for.”

“Let us not point fingers because you are just pointing back at yourselves.”







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