Build Cross Island Line through MacRitchie Reservoir so Man & Nature can be intertwined

Posted on 27 February 2017

This will allow greater understanding on both sides.


Dear New Nation,

I am writing in to express my concern about the planned Cross Island Line.

I feel strongly that this new MRT line should be routed to cut right through the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, rather than around it.

This is so as it will then make it ideal for Man and Nature to get closer to each other and interact across the species divide and create new spaces for common mutual understanding.

All the fears that MacRitchie flora and fauna are going to be harmed are overwrought, once we consider the benefits of such a close-knit arrangement.

For Man and Nature to come to a common consensus, the proposed line must include a MRT station that must open in the heart of MacRitchie Reservoir, as this will then allow Singaporeans from all walks of life to partake of and appreciate the vast greenery once the train doors open.

Currently, without any MRT lines in place that run through this nature reserve, Singaporeans find it hard to interact with the inhabitants there and learn of their ways of life.

The key word to keep in mind when thinking about the building of an MRT line in a nature reserve isn’t “destruction”. Rather, it is “integration”.

Moreover, once the MRT line has been built, humans and fauna can take advantage of the new convenience to forge stronger inter-species relations.

Creatures such as the lesser mousedeer, slow loris, colugo and pangolin will be issued with concession cards so that they too can ride in the new MRT line in air-conditioned comfort instead of having to walk in the heat and humidity.

This will also make the argument that no one is around to ride on the MRT trains if it passes through MacRitchie Reservoir moot.

Lastly, if Singapore can find the resources to fund the Pioneer Generation package, I do not see how providing subsidies for our fauna friends cannot be done and the adequate resources raised.

They are, after all, creatures that also have unalienable rights and the freedom to travel without hindrance. I am sure the Nature Lovers will be hard pressed to deny that?

I urge all Singaporeans to take this new initiative seriously, as it will help lower the cost of COEs if more people took public transport so I can then better afford to drive.

Yours sincerely,
Hua Qia







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