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Upper Thomson Road celebrates 100 years anniversary after 2 once-in-50-years floods occurred

Posted on 19 January 2017



Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are glad they have lived to a ripe old age, are congratulating themselves for making it so far in life.

This after they managed to celebrate 100 years of existence following the coming to pass of two once-in-50-years floods at Upper Thomson Road.

One Singaporean, Yan Shui, said: “When the first once-in-50-years flood occurred, I couldn’t believe Singapore had hit a milestone. To be able to make it past 50 years old was such a freak event.”

“Next thing I knew, we are 100 years old.”

“Sure feels good to have a long history on our side.”

However, other locals were more cautious with becoming so old so soon moving forward.

Another local, Lau Kok Kok, said: “One moment you’re 50, next moment you’re 100. Who knows? Maybe soon Singapore can be 500 years old.”

“Then there are other parts of the country that are still young, not even 50 years old yet.”







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