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Survey: S’poreans willing to work until they die

Posted on 04 January 2017

Death is a form of release, they said.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who do things they do not even want to do, work overtime and many are willing to work even longer hours until they pass away, according to a survey by a recruitment firm.

Half of Singaporeans, or 50 percent, were working more than 44 hours per week, the survey showed.

Around 52 percent of men said they work more than the stipulated 44 hours, compared to 41 percent of women.

The remainder worked until they passed away, with many survey respondents on the brink of death.

Despite wanting better work-life balance, half of the male respondents noted that they would be willing to work longer hours for equal or more pay, compared to 42 percent of women.

The remainder said they worked until they died because death is a better option.

When asked what motivated them to stay alive, the top three reasons for them were more pay, career progression and a form of escape.

When asked what motivated the respondents to work more, almost all said dying at work is a form of release.

This finding could be representative of the current uncertain economic environment leading to employees wanting to work even harder than before.







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