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S’pore to send Terrex vehicles back to China in a bid to reengage superpower

Posted on 31 January 2017

Singapore lonely as China stopped engaging us once vehicles returned.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know a desperate lover when they see one, are using their hands to cover their mouths and giggling.

This after Singapore is going to send the nine Terrex vehicles back to China after they arrived in Singapore on Monday, Jan. 30, having been detained in Hong Kong for two months.

One Singaporean, Gu Dan, said: “Singapore must be feeling lonely and neglected now that the Terrex vehicles have been sent back and China has stopped engaging us.”

“The only way to get China’s attention again and rekindle ties is to send the vehicles back so that they will pay attention to us again.”

“After two months of back-and-forth and constant attention to each other’s needs, this sudden stoppage feels lonesome.”

Other locals said Singapore should not have pressed so hard to get back the Terrex vehicles as now that we have got our wish, there is nothing left for China to say to us.

Another local, Zhen Ji Mo, said: “If only Singapore resorted to playing hard to get more.”

“Now we have pushed things too far, China has seen us at our best and also at our worst, there is no more excitement in this relationship anymore.”

“There is nothing left to the imagination. Everything is out in the open. And now Singapore wants China back but there is no answer.”

“Slut mode engaged.”







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