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S’pore civil servants to be ranked according to looks

Posted on 05 January 2017

This will help forewarn who is likely to commit adultery within the service.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know a good idea when they hear one, are applauding the civil service.

This after it was announced that civil servants are no longer grouped according to their education level, which was not the most natural way to go about doing things.

One Singaporean, Cheng Hu Kang, said: “It is good that the government is moving towards a fairer system of ranking.”

“Ranking civil servants based on their looks is the way to go for the future.”

“You are categorised by what you already have.”

Other locals have also agreed that this is a more egalitarian way, but problems might exist.

Another local, Gao Wai Yu, said: “This will give the government ample preparation in forecasting who is more likely to commit adultery.”

“This will enhance a system that already does not reward good work and initiative.”

“There is a snag in the system though. The only problem is that good-looking and not good-looking people all commit adultery.”

“This is something we learnt from Singapore’s political history.”







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